Hemingway Parents Auxiliary

The Hemingway Parents Auxiliary (PA) provides support for the Hemingway staff and students and encourages community within the Ernest Hemingway STEAM School.

The ways that our PA contributes to the well-being of students and teachers are listed to the right.

There is no fee for the Hemingway Parents Auxiliary, but we do hold fundraisers during the year to raise money and we encourage your participation in these fundraisers. Last year the PA provided approximately $113K in support to our school – that equates to almost $225 for each student!

Year in Review

Last Year’s Objectives (2022-2023)

Heading into the 22-23 year, one of the goals that became apparent was to restore the community and social events that had been affected by Covid. The Middle School in particular needed activities that gave the students a sense of pride and separation from the elementary school. We were able to create social events and provide more resources for the students to interact with each other.

We also focused on our core goal of supporting teachers in whatever way they need. Last year, there was a large group that wanted to take the Orton Gillingham training and with parent support we were able to provide the funding for each teacher. This training is a structured literacy program that helps teachers assess and teach students fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Key Accomplishments (2022-2023)

Middle School

  • Added a Board Member dedicated to Middle School
  • 2 Middle School Dances
  • Upgrades to Middle School lounge
  • Donut Fridays
  • Middle School Spirit week

Teacher & School Support

  • 27 Teachers trained with Orton Gillingham
  • Return of Grandparents Day
  • Return of Art & Lit Fair
  • Support for District Free Lunch Program

By the Numbers (2022-2023)

Looking Ahead (2023-2024)

As we settle into the 2023-2024 school year, our overall mission remains unchanged: support the teachers, students and overall school community.

Sometimes unforeseen expenses pop up throughout the school year and we are happy to be able to support the school on short notice when needed. Already this year, due to a bus driver shortage we have funded charter buses for the 5th Grade Campout and the upcoming 6th Grade MOSS trip to McCall. We hope to continue to be able to support any field trip that needs transportation.

Another initiative that we plan to support is expanding grade level enrichment opportunities. Some grade levels have experiences like the 4th Grade Wagons Ho event, and we are hoping to support other grade levels in adding an experiential learning event to their school year.

Join Us in Making A Difference at Hemingway!

Thank you! We are grateful for the many donors and volunteers that support our students and teachers, and strengthen our Hemingway community. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


Questions? Send an email to hemingwaypa@gmail.com

A few of the things we do:

Parent Engagement

Organize Hemingway parent meetings throughout the school year.

Teacher Support

Provide grant funds to faculty members for approved activities and equipment and supplementing out-of-pocket expenses through the purchase of additional school supplies.

Tech and Art Resources

Meet the needs for STEAM and technology requests by providing school software and public performance licenses that are not funded by the district.

Make Connections

Create, update, and manage the online Hemingway student and family directory to help keep our community connected.

Community Events

Produce and support various events throughout the year including:

  • Back to School Bash
  • Wagons Ho! (a favorite 4th grade event)
  • Grandparents & Special Friends Day
  • Skate Night
  • Middle School dances
  • 5th and 8th Grade Graduation Ceremonies

Our Board & Volunteers

Without the volunteer parents that assume leadership roles every year, our organization would not exist. We are grateful for the time, effort, financial support and energy that all of our parent, teacher and student volunteers provide.

  • Kat Stansberry

  • Vanessa Neumann

  • Kelsey Baker

  • Amy Niven

  • Katherine Schroder

  • Rebecca Bloom

  • Margot Ramsay

  • Calista Carter