Hemingway Harvest Fundraiser

School has started and our community is filled with the sounds of children making new friends, testing new teachers and enjoying the beautiful of the WRV in Autumn.

All this bustle puts a bit of magic and fun in the air and we are hoping to share that with you when you support our annual Fall fundraiser formerly known as FarmRaiser. Recognizing these unique and challenging times, we are seeking to make this fundraiser work full circle. As usual, we have sourced everything from our local purveyors, but we have worked to make this year’s participation options exchange as much community goodwill as it can.

As such, we have renamed our event, the Harvest Fundraiser and hope you will take advantage of some custom made ideas that can help make your Autumn more special and fun!

We rely on our Husky Ambassadors – Hemingway students who create campaigns to support the Fundraiser – to reach out to friends, family and the community. If you know a Hemingway student, you can likely find his Campaign below.

Our Husky Ambassadors!